Mark’s Priorities

Excellence and Quality

Council and staff need to continue to strive for excellence. By doing things the correct way first and insisting on quality, we will do right by our residents and visitors. 


Partnering with civic groups, schools, and businesses helps to better utilize resources and provides more opportunities for growth and consumers.


Communicating with businesses and residents needs to be consistent. For the most up to date city news, I encourage our residents  to utilize the City of Hastings website which provides valuable information such street improvement plans and city council agendas/minutes.

Fiscal Responsibility

As Chair of the Finance committee, the importance of improving and maintaining existing assets has been a priority as we move Hastings forward.

Projects and Growth

We have seen the beautification of our riverfront and look forward to the Hudson development. Our focus now will be on the Vermillion Street Corridor and Highway 316 safety concerns.  I personally want to stress the importance of finding solutions for our transportation and housing needs.


I am currently Chair of the Finance, Planning and Transportation committees as well as acting mayor. I am the representative for the Red Rock Corridor, Vice Chair of the MN High Speed Rail commission and member of the Hastings Economic Developement and Redevelopment Authority.